You work to grow your business.

We work to find a home for your business.

As a nationwide cannabis friendly landlord, Greenspace understands the legal, social, and financial obstacles cannabusinesses face in finding real estate for their business to grow. To remove these obstacles, Greenspace created a unique solution.

The Greenspace Cannabis Buy-To-Suit Real Estate Program

Here’s How It Works

First, we speak with you to learn about your business, its cannabis real estate needs and you, our potential tenant.

  • Greenspace is currently only working with experienced cannabusinesses and operators.
  • Greenspace only works in states where cannabis is currently legal and prefers to work in states where cannabis is both medically and recreationally legal.
  • Greenspace will conduct a background and credit check for all qualified tenants.

Then, we work with you to outline mutually acceptable Buy-To-Suit lease terms under which both parties are prepared to move forward.

  • Unlike most marijuana investment groups and marijuana real estate groups, Greenspace does not participate in your business profits. We simply function as a traditional landlord and collect rent.
  • Your negotiated rent payment will be a percentage of the property’s purchase price and closing costs. This allows us to pursue multiple properties together if necessary.
  • All leases will be structured as five year or more absolute triple net leases. Absolute triple net leases require the tenant to pay for all costs of operating and maintaining the property to include, property insurance, property taxes, utilities and common area maintenance.

Next, we collaborate to identify a property to buy and lease to you.

  • If you already own your property Greenspace will consider buying it from you and leasing it back to you, or providing marijuana financing secured by the property.
  • Greenspace has access to property databases and national relationships with brokerage offices to efficiently source marijuana real estate for lease that could be purchased. We will send you properties to review and set-up property tours for you.
  • Greenspace will work with you, local counsel and regulators to ensure targeted properties adhere to local cannabis regulations.

Finally Greenspace buys the property and leases it to you at our pre-negotiated terms.

  • The principals of Greenspace have acquired over $3.0 billion in real estate throughout their careers. This experience will directly benefit you.
  • Greenspace will not participate in funding the cost of the property improvements/build-out.

Greenspace can have your cannabusiness in a property in as little as 90 days. Contact us to get started.