You work to grow your business.

We provide capital to help.

Greenspace understands the legal, social and financial obstacles cannabusinesses face in finding capital for their business to grow. To remove these obstacles, Greenspace created our cannabis real estate lending program.

The Greenspace Cannabis Lending Program

Here’s How It Works:

Do you already own your real estate but need capital to grow?


Want to buy real estate for your cannabusiness but do not have all the capital to close?

Greenspace can help!

Greenspace can provide you with a mortgage on your existing or new real estate.

  • First position mortgages/loans from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000
  • Up to 65% loan to value. Properties are valued at market value, and not cannabis market value.
  • Two to three-year term, with renewal options considered.
  • All loans are personally guaranteed by borrower.
  • Fees and interest rate vary by property/borrower and will be provided within two days of evaluating your request. Greenspace fees/interest rate are competitive with other cannabis real estate lending groups.